Day curtains can be best described as translucent sheets of delicate fabric adorning a window. When drawn, they let in just enough light while barring harsh rays. They successfully obstruct exterior glances, while allowing access to the view outside. Their beauty infiltrates through an entire room, offering a refreshing yet soothing ambience to the premises. They can be put up in the bedroom, living room or any other space that you desire.

Day curtains work best when the sun shines. So when night falls, a heavier layer needs to be drawn. Hence, one requires a double set of curtain rods or fixtures, when installing a set of day curtains – one for the thinner inner layer and the other for the heavier outer drape.

How are they different from night curtains

A comparison of day and night curtains may help one to identify the specific roles both play, in order to get the most out of your drapes:

Sheer – let light through Solid – block light
Light colour palette such as pastels and whites Darker colour palettes
Light material such as light cotton, muslin, lace Thick materials such as thick cotton, silk, velvet
Installed closer to the window, on the inside layer Installed on the outer layer, further away from the window
Can be drawn all day long To be drawn once the sun begins to set, or during the day if watching a movie or taking a nap


Choosing the fabric for your day curtains

The material used for day curtains or drapes includes the lightweight variety such as sheer cotton, linen, lace or muslin. Each material has its own advantages and usages.

Type Characteristics and Advantages
Light cotton  Simple, easily available, wide choice and prints, durable, easy to wash and maintain, homely appearance, thicker variety can be used at night as well.  Suited for living room & bedroom windows
Muslin Loosely woven sheer fabric, light, floating, dreamy look.  Suited for bedrooms, children’s room and bathroom windows
Linen Can be mixed with cotton or nylon for durability, gives a classic or formal look.  Suited for any room.
Challis Very soft and light sheer fabric, made of cotton or rayon, soothing to the eye and touch.  Suited for bedroom and bathroom windows
Lace Intricately woven, delicate and pretty, romantic, feminine.  Suitable for bedroom, kitchen and bathroom windows
Organdie and Organza Sheer and stiff, gives a formal, frosty, dramatic look, is durable, long lasting.  Ideal for living room and bedroom windows


Choosing the colour for your day curtains

The best suited palette for day curtains includes light pastel shades in creams, ivory, pink, lemon yellow, light grey, aqua marine, lilac, or any others from the subtle family of colours. The most popular in day curtains however are whites – matt, bright, textured, glossy, printed or plain.

So though day curtains may just seem like an extra layer to add to your window, the advantages are many. Apart from adding unparallel aesthetic beauty, they also permit day-time privacy without having to deprive oneself of natural sunlight.  In case, you require further counsel and instruction towards the perfect day curtain for your window, you can consult our experts who will assist you right from selection process till installation.