Blinds are a sleek new addition to the home interiors segment as a modern window covering.  In the wide world of window blinds, Venetian blinds are the most popular of all varieties.  This is due to their adaptability and urban good looks.

The Venetian blind is recognised by its characteristic slanting planks that can lean almost completely horizontal to let in light and air or turn to stand upright for total blockage.  It is in this way that these blinds are flexible enough to cater to any level of illumination in a required room.

The planks or slats on Venetian blinds are usually made of aluminium, plastic or wood.  The popularity of Venetian blinds is boosted by the wide range of innovative designs and colours in which they are available, allowing them to co-ordinate well with any Singaporean home or office interiors.


How do Venetian blinds work?

The planks on a Venetian blind are attached to cords that can be pulled to adjust the angle of the planks in order to open or close the blind.  This pulley system is placed in a case at the top of the window frame.  The cords which allow manoeuvrability hang at the side of the blind.  The lowest slat or plank offers weightage to the whole blind and lifts to shut the planks tight when they are in a complete horizontal position.

The slat tilt mechanism that allows the tilting of each plank involves cords or threads which go through each slat or plank via 4 to 6 inch holes.  This cord comprises of two outer threads and one horizontal linking thread.  The horizontal thread or cord is attached to a tilting wand which regulates the angle of the slats when turned clockwise or anticlockwise. Added to this is the cord lock mechanism, placed in the top casing enables the planks to stay at the position in which they are placed.

The one safety issue regarding Venetian blinds is keeping the side cords out of reach of children and pets as one can get tangled and trip over them.


Maintenance of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds tend to collect a lot of dust especially if the blinds are kept open most of the day or if your home or office is situated close to the street or road.  It is therefore, important to clean your blinds regularly.

This can be done by removing them and wiping each plank clean with a mild detergent and water on both sides.  Regular dusting or vacuuming of the blinds is also advisable.


Where can Venetian blinds be installed?

Due to their adaptability and wide range, Venetian blinds suit almost any window type and can be installed anywhere.  Even then, here are a few situations in which these blinds fit best:

1)      Windy area: Since unlike curtains, Venetian blinds are not made of flowing material or fabrics, one can keep the blinds partially open in a windy room without having to worry about the curtains flying about.  Venetian blinds allow for the breeze to flow in while maintaining a neat and sleek appearance.

2)      Office: Since curtains tend to give a homely look to any room, it is preferable to install Venetian blinds in your office space.  They regulate light and air and add to the formal look of the premises.

3)      Compact room: Curtains appear to take up more space than a Venetian blind.  So for a smaller area, it’s a smarter choice to install Venetian blinds instead of long, thick space consuming curtains.

4)      Toddler room: Often young children tend to play with curtains, swinging off them for fun! This can be dangerous as it may cause the curtain rod to get disengaged, causing the entire component to crash down over the child.  One can prevent this by installing Venetian Blinds, though one needs to be careful of placement of the side cords.

5)      Kitchen Space: Curtains in the kitchen can be hazardous especially if appliances or the cooking range is anywhere near them.  Venetian blinds are ideal for any kitchen space and add to the neatness of the room.

Hence, the applications of Venetian blinds like its choices are numerous.  For apt advice, selection and installation of Venetian blinds, you may contact the team at Best Fit Drapes and be assured of optimum assistance.