Window blinds are a relatively recent invention, created to replace the traditional curtain as a more modern window covering.  Roller blinds are the most convenient and affordable of all blind varieties.  They are installed in many contemporary Singaporean homes and offices due to their formal, no nonsense appearance.

The convenience of a Roller blind is defined by its easy to operate mechanism which involves a simple chain pulley system that can be controlled by anyone.  Blinds fit close to the window and give a neat, compact look.  One can install them to block out excessive light and heat while adding to a room’s aesthetic finish.


What are roller blinds made of?

A roller blind is essentially a stiffened sheet of the material of your choice (find popular fabrics for roller blinds below), that rolls onto and off a metal tube.  Attached to this tube is a spring and ratchet that enables smooth manoeuvrability and the ability to adjust the blind length at the desired height e.g. you may wish to keep your blind wide open in the early morning hours and then choose close it partially as noon approaches.

A tab at the bottom of the fabric allows the rolling up and down of the blind, while some roller blinds have side winders for this purpose.

The fabric usually rolls behind the roller tube, allowing close contact to the window to ensure better blockage of light.

Popular fabrics for roller blinds

  • Vinyl – This is a common roller blind material as its durable and suits almost any purpose.  Vinyl is waterproof and can be wiped clean.  Roller blinds made of vinyl can be installed in almost any room including the bathroom.
  • Polyester – Similar to plastic, polyester is long lasting and easy to maintain.  Like vinyl, it can be kept clean by a regular wipe down of soap/detergent with water.
  • Cotton – Cotton roller blinds are advisable for all indoor dry areas such as bedrooms, and living rooms.  They give a softer look and are available in a variety of prints and colours.

For extra protection or heat/light resistance in the sunny Singaporean weather, any of the above materials can be padded with a thermal backing to create a Blackout roller blind. Likewise, one can opt for sheer options in the above fabric types if desired.


Advantages of Roller Blinds

  1. Operation and Maintenance: Easy to operate with its pulley or winding systems. Simple to maintain and keep clean due to the treatment applied for the purpose of stiffening the material – No folds and corners
  1. Longevity: Due to the fabrics commonly used for roller blinds, and the treatment, they are more durable and do not need to be replaced that often
  1. Adaptability: Wide variety of material allows roller blinds to adapt to any home or office space
  1. Attractiveness: Numerous choices of fabrics, prints and colours to suit and enhance the interiors of any room


At Best Fit Drapes, we assist in the selection, construction and installation of all varieties of Roller Blinds. Reach out to us for your roller blind needs.